Frequently Asked Questions?

Why work with us?

At Wilding Properties we pride ourselves in providing the best property experience for you and all other stakeholders. Our aim is to deliver a hassle free property experience, we do this by carefully tailoring a bespoke property solution for your property, this ensures the best outcome for you and your property.

We strive to be more than just another property company, and aim to give you the best service possible through building solid relationships with you, our professionalism & drive for quality. We take pride in being open and transparent so that you always know where you stand with us at all points throughout.

What is a company let?

A Company Let is a property arrangement that involves three primary parties: A Landlord, a Property Renter (that’s Us) and Tenants. The Company Let structure legally tenants the property and pays a monthly fixed and guaranteed rental income to you over a fixed term. The benefit to this approach is that you get a guaranteed monthly rent and we do all the work with tenants and maintenance.

Is this subletting?

No,  Subletting is illegal, under the terms of a normal Assured Tenancy Agreement (AST). We put in place a Company Let Agreement which enter us into a commercial agreement which is a document that outlines all the agreed costs, terms and conditions of the arrangement, and which mandates the Property Renter to manage the property over the agreed fixed term.

So how do the legal / contracts work?

  • The contracts between you and us are the same as a company let.
  • We pay the deposit and start up admin fees to you.
  • We, as a company, will let the property and control it on a room-by-room basis with contracts in place for each room, so tenants will only be dealing with us direct. We collect and insure the tenant’s deposits and place them in a deposit protection scheme.
  • The landlord signs a management agreement drawn up by our solicitor; this agreement states that the landlord is aware that we will let the property on a room-by-room basis (this is to ensure to all parties that no illegal subletting is being carried out). We have a solicitor that specialises in these contracts who can help the landlord with any queries they may have.
  • The properties that would best suit this scheme are those with a maximum of two stories. If the property has more than two stories the landlord would have to license it as an HMO with the council.

What about safety precautions in multi-let properties?

  • The safety and our clients is our highest priority.
  • We place smoke alarms in all of the bedrooms throughout the property and have all the smoke alarms checked regularly by our maintenance team.
  • A mobile carbon monoxide alarm is fitted to all boilers to manufacturer’s specifications.
  • A first aid kit and a fire blanket are supplied within every kitchen.
  • All safety instructions are set out in the tenant’s welcome pack along with the local emergency services station’s landlines.

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